The Bread Basket  | The Petite Breads

The Bread Basket | The Petite Breads

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MUMS is pleased to offer the Petite 12s & the Petite 4s

4 Petite Coconut Raisin Breads

4 Petite Banana Mixed Nuts Breads

4 Petite Nutty Zucchini Breads

Each one is delicious with their own distinct flavor and flare.  Some moments require choices and with Mums Petite 12 of Fresh Baked Goodness, you are in for a treat.

They are delicious and make for a great treat to have with your morning coffee or your night cap.  Enough to share.... or not!

These little beauties are flying out the door; pick up your order of Fresh Baked Petites today.

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While other moments require smaller choices! Mums Petites of 4 fresh baked breads, gives you the choices you Crave!

It's My Business - 1 Banana Bread | 1 Zucchini Bread | 2 Coconut Raisin Breads

The Security - 1 Banana Bread | 1 Nutty Banana Bread | 1 Nutty Zucchini Bread | 1 Coconut Raisin Bread

It's Just Nuts- 1 Nutty Banana Bread | 2 Nutty Zucchini Breads | 1 Nutty Coconut Raisin Bread

These make excellent gifts!
Choose as a gift & let MUMS handle it from there...