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Mums Is Here for YOU

Itโ€™s a balance acknowledging social justice issue and Running a Business!
How much is too much?!ย  How much is too little?!
However, once you pull back, take a breathe, and understand the fabric of the company consists of Mums Grandmamas Aunties all with children & grandbabies; how can you not!
Every company has a human at its core, how can you ignore the hurt & pain being felt around the world! MumsKitchens NYC is committed to continually uplift our Black Community & our Black Businesses!
We stand on the side of Righteousness and Justice, Demanding Equity, Inclusion and a Level playing field without obstacles.
To that end MumsKitchens NYC will do our best to temper our Social Justice concerns with our instinctive need to discuss Deliciousness Decadent Goodness!

Be the Best You, You can be!

Remember, if you need us, we are available on line and you can shop our We Are Stronger, Together Collection.ย 

However, please consider purchasing our Gift Cards today for use later or to gift to those who are on the front lines

MUMS is here for you and we will be here for the long haul, baking deliciously decadent treats to satisfy your cravings!

Thank YOU for your Continued Support

Together, We are Stronger