Collection: Love is in the Air

Come, Taste the Love

They are all buying Flowers | Candy | and probably a candlelight dinner.ย  It's like Valentine's Day has all the clones out.

Break the molds! Mums has the Breads | Brownies | Cookies | Bajan Styled Rum Cakes you need.ย  Stand out from the rest and give the gift of Love in a Unique Package with unique flavors

MuMs is once again in the mood and wants to share her Love Packages with you!ย  You can personalized your gift with a special note! Tell MuMs your deepest secrets and what you want to share --- MuMs the word...

the feel of it
the taste of it
the aroma of it
Love in all its many forms, wraps you tight and securely in its arms

Here is toย ๐•ท๐–”๐–›๐–Š that lasts a Lifetime

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