Who We Are

MumsKitchens NYC

Born and raised in Barbados, to a relatively large family.  We spent some years in Trinidad, learning to bake from one of my adopted grandmas, was one of the many pleasures while living on an island.

The family moved to America in the 80's! The 80s what a time!  The food! the tastes, the textures, the colors, were all stacking on top of each other creating wonder.

I have always enjoyed watching the OG Mum cooking and baking, she makes the best meals, breads and she enjoys it!  The family sitting around the kitchen table talking and peeling vegetables; we had to sit so as to keep out of her way; it was after all, her kitchen.  

Watching the love she has for feeding her family and the care she shows as she puts a meal together is very inspiring.  We were reminiscing one Sunday about our childhood treats; we decided to each try and find our childhood treats, mine is the Tamarind Ball!  We searched and all we found were balls of sugar masquerading as tamarind balls.  We were on a mission to once again enjoy our childhood treats. We started with the tamarind ball, combining our knowledge of what we wanted, how it should taste, and the texture were critical factors for the perfect Tamarind Ball! We worked to recreate the OG Mums recipe and after many trials and errors, I am thrilled to state the recipe is once again in affect.  We proudly claim, we have the best tasting Tamarind Balls available for sale online & at our PoPUP shops around the boroughs.

From that one need, we realized they were many childhood treats and tastes of home that needed to be filled.  From that experience we formed MumsKitchens NYC! We have since added The Bread Basket, The Cookie Patch, The Brownie Channel, with Vegan & Gluten Free options are also available.  When we needed to add a savory dish, it was without question we would use the OG GrandMama's CodFish dish. This generation created the Mango/Pineapple Dipping Sauce that goes so well with CodFish Balls.  They also added a side of Slap Yo Mama Creamy Crunchy Cole Slaw.

Our menu has grown and we are proud of our delightfully delicious decadent product offerings.

Every time we are in the kitchen, we will strive to awaken all your senses, bringing the same love and dedication to every dish we prepare just like the OG MUMS!