Why Adding Brownies to your diet is Great for You

Why Adding Brownies to your diet is Great for You

Let's face it, brownies are the world's most perfect food. MuMs Brownies Bites are small square pieces of Heaven, dense and filling, sweet, while not being overpowering and go great with just about any topping we can imagine; and we have a great imagination.

MuMs Brownies are delicious, and make a great addition to your dessert table or as a snack. Brownies are one of the most popular desserts in the world and have been around since the early 20th century. They have also become a food group in their own right!  MuMs Brownies are a great addition to your diet because they have protein, calcium, iron and fiber. Protein is essential for building muscle mass and maintaining a healthy heart. Calcium helps keep bones strong and healthy, while iron helps with red blood cell production (which carries oxygen throughout the body). Fiber helps regulate digestion by keeping things moving along smoothly in there!

Brownies also just make you feel good! MuMs Brownies contain mood-boosting ingredients such as cocoa powder, caramel, coconut, assorted nuts and chocolate chunks which have been shown to lower stress levels when eaten regularly over time. Brownies also help curb cravings by making us feel full longer than other snacks  -- meaning we don't need to eat as much throughout the day!

Here is a fun fact, brownies have more protein than other desserts? That's right! Chocolate is a good source of protein and it's what makes brownies so rich, fudgy and delicious.  As we age our bodies can't produce as much collagen (the substance that keeps skin firm) so adding foods with collagen to your diet is important for keeping your skin looking young. The best way to do this, eat MuMs Brownies!  Your muscles need protein too! It helps them recover after exercise and build new muscle tissue so they stay strong longer than if they didn't have any at all which means less chance of injury while exercising too!

Benefits of Eating Brownies...

Brownies are a comfort food. The aroma, the taste! They're a great way to reward yourself, show someone you care, or celebrate any occasion.  Brownies are also great for your mood! The rich chocolate with Coconut or Caramel or assorted Nuts in them have been known to help people feel happier and more relaxed than they did before eating them (which is why they make such great gifts).

Brownies make you full longer...

Brownies are a great source of protein and fiber, which helps you feel full longer. Protein also works as an appetite suppressant, so you won't be as tempted to snack on unhealthy foods later on in the day.  There are so many reasons why adding brownies to your diet is a great idea. First of all, they're delicious! If you like cake and cookies, then you'll love MuMs Brownies. They taste amazing warmed up with a side of ice cream or whipped cream on top (or both).

Now that we've discovered why Brownies are good for us, let's finally treat ourselves to some of MuMs amazing brownies.  MuMs Brownies are magical, they are the best dessert in 32 flavors/toppings, and we believe they should be eaten by everyone! 

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