Queens Chef Project

Queens Chef Project

50 Chefs from Queens and their Objects of Great Meaning

by Drew Reid Kerr

This is my one-year passion project: 50 chefs from Queens telling the stories about the objects in their kitchens that mean the most to them.

I shot more than 17,000 photographs, taped countless interviews, recorded lots of video and traveled to all corners of Queens by subway, bus, and railroad.

Why did I do this? Because outside of our families, these are the people who take care of all of us. After getting kicked down during this pandemic, I wanted to make sure these chefs and owners are recognized for more than pretty food pictures and recipes. I wanted them to be seen as real people with great stories to tell.

Don’t just show them just pretty pictures of your food. Show them who you are.

That's how you connect with your community.

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