Making Magic Together

Making Magic Together

On FRIDAYS MuMs is working with @redvelvetcakequeen to provide approx 132 bags with food & fresh baked goods to those who are shut in and the helpers who are staying with them during this crisis.

We are seeking those who have that ‘extra’ that want to do something and are not sure how they can make an impact

We are planning to make these deliveries on FRIDAYS so please reach out to me soon, so I may coordinate what the BAGS would include and how we can ensure we are providing what is needed!

Remember, everything has to be PRE PACKAGED to limit the amount of touch points before it gets to the intended recipient!

Article Excerpt...

“Every day brings a beautiful kindness that people are showing us. The community and businesses are taking care of us,” Phaff said. MumsKitchens NYC and
P’s Bakery and Catering who took part in our Evening of Fine Food have been preparing meals for our homes.

The Queens Borough President’s Office and Fresh Direct have provided groceries. A florist in Manhattan, Empire Cut Flowers, had a huge delivery just when the emergency made them shut down their business and instead of letting all of those flowers wither and die they sent them to our homes to cheer everyone up.”..

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