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People are Saying What!?

People are Saying What!?

What a wonderful gift that you gave me, I enjoyed every single bite!  Thank you so much for the delicious yummy treats-
Wow wow wow - the caramel brownies [bites] and the liqueur [infused brownies] and oh my goodness the multi colored ones [Salted Caramel Gems] and the BLACK CAKE??? I was in bakery heaven!
I've never tasted any baked goods so delicious not from Harry and David or Martha's Bakery, Patti pies - MumsKitchens NYC is the best!!!

When you go global please don't let anyone tweak your recipes in the conversion to large portions!!!  And please remember a sister on xxx street and always bake for her...



MumsKitchens NYC Doubledown Lemon Cake brought me back to memories of my childhood home. I loved sitting in the kitchen watching my mom make those hearty pastries. The first bite brought a sweet, heavenly, nostalgic smile to my face. It truly lives up to it's name. I will be buying this cake again. And again. And again. My sweet tooth is dancing around in my mouth!!

Eating your brownies is a bit harder to describe because I thought I knew what brownies tasted like. I was wrong. MumsKitchens NYC brownies put ALL other brownies to shame. The moment it hits your tongue, it slowly starts to melt. I've never was an avid brownie lover...not until today. This is something I can easily get accustomed to and hooked on. Fantastic!! Try it, you'll be coming back for more!!



I picked this up, tonight, in Flushing. I forgot what exactly is in it (apples, pineapples and some other stuff) [Cinnamon Apple Paradise Pie] but I want my wedding cake to be made out of it. It's sooo good! Thank you MumsKitchens nyc



Yelp Autumn Event 2017

Excerpts of what attendees had to say about MumsKitchens NYC Decadent Treats

YelpQueens Autumn's Up 2017 will go down in history as being one of the greatest events that I have ever attended! Upon walking into the Queens Museum, I Isaw everyone having a fantastic time! Kudos to Jando and the Queens Yelp Team for organizing, hosting and for putting this together for us us to enjoy!

MumsKitchens NYC - the scrumptious desserts were made w/ liqueur, w/ out liqueur, w/ nuts, w/ nuts etc.

Elite hour! The rain didn't stop the party from starting! Quite a big turnout on Tuesday night. Food and drinks on the first and second floor. Music blasting, this event was popping! Lots of new faces this year.

MumsKitchens NYC served up some delightful sweets. Mainly brownies, chocolate based delights. I tried the one with the ferrero rocher, pretty decent but certainly on the sweeter side.

MumsKitchens NYC brownie w/fererro rocher is a treat to chocolate lovers! The brownie was moist and was very thick! The toppings also added a treat for the eyes!

MumsKitchens NYC had amazing brownies and the lady offered me to take some home too. I love the toffee ones, and I regret not taking a Ferrero Rocher filled one earlier in the night! I didn't realize they had them until I went back at the end of the night.

Another amazing event. Good people, great food, drinks and fantastic music in the most perfect setting The Queens Museum ! It's a recipe for greatness.

For a rich and absolutely delicious sweet tooth craving MumsKitchens NYC brownies are a must for the family and friends get together.

If someone would've told me I would've landed in a food coma at a visit to the Queens Museum, I wouldn't believe them. But, I was proven wrong tonight at what was undoubtedly the best Yelp elite event I ever had the pleasure of attending. Only three meals into what would become a 17 meal/vendor extravaganza, I knew I was part of something very special.

the impeccable Nutty Naughty Toffee from MumsKitchens NYC

MumsKitchens NYC brownie w/fererro rocher is a treat to chocolate lovers! The brownie was moist and was very thick! The toppings also added a treat for the eyes!

Plenty of desserts we tried a few divine treats. My favorite the chocolate Ferraro rocher brownies [from MumsKitchens NYC]

The first thing I ate at this event was the brownie from MumsKitchens NYC. The brownies were delicious and the vendor was nice enough to give me two to take home at the end of the night.

The brownies at MumsKitchens NYC had caught my eye earlier. OH MY!!! Wish I had more room, I would have had one of everything!!!!!! ( I really like desert!) I had a toffee brownie which knocked my socks off. Talented ladies. I see a special order in my future! Holiday's and birthdays are coming!

But my all-time favorite table at this event was MumsKitchens NYC and her mouth watering Ferraro Roche brownies. She has by far the best tasting brownies I have ever tasted, an almost flourless melt in your mouth treat.