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Ambrosial Brownies Bites

  $2.00 each --
*StraightUP [Plain]   *Chewy Caramel *German Chocolate w/Coconut  *Mint
*Sea Salt Caramel *Cocoa Crème *Egg Nog *Peanut Butter *Pumpkin Spice *Butterscotch

  $3.00 each --

*Nutty Chewy Caramel *Nutty Brownie Bites topped w/Ferrero Rocher  *Virgin Pina Colada *Nutty Naughty Toffee *Macadamia Nuts  *Amandine Crunch *German Chocolate w/Nut & Coconut Ganache                             

 **NEW** Midnight Espresso

  Booezy Box Line  $4.00 each -- Liqueur Infused Brownies

*Pineapple *Passion Fruit *Mango *Pina Colada *Bourbon * Bourbon Caramel *Godiva *Coconut Rum Raisin *Coconut Rum

 The Bread Basket

$5 / $7 --  Banana Mixed Nut Bread

$5 / $7 --  Nutty Zucchini Raisin Bread

$5  --  Mini Coconut Raisin Bread

$7 -- Coconut Raisin Bread [Bar]

 The Cookie Patch
$4/6 -- Intense Oatmeal Raisin Coconut Cookies

 The Exotics
$1 Tamarind Ball
$2 Tamarind Pod [less sugar/salt]

 The Dippin' Sauces                                                                                          

$3 / $5 /$10  --  *Mild Sassy  *Medium Sassy                                                        

House Blended Mango/Pineapple base pepper dippin' sauce

  The Savory

6/$5 Cod Fishcake Balls with a mango/pineapple base dippin' sauce